Different Types Of Sandblaster [How Sandblaster Works]

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Types Of Sandblaster

Sandblasting, also known as media blasting, is a compelling and effective process. The most common use of the best sandblaster is to clean the rust and old paint from the metal surface. Simply turn on the portable sandblaster and start media blasting to get your job done quickly.

While it is said that sandblasting should be done by the experts’ hands only; otherwise, it could be harmful. But let me tell you that it is not a very difficult or pain stacking process if you are using the best handheld sandblaster. Do remember when you finish sandblasting; the process will tend to leave the surface in question clean and completely ready for the fresh coat of paint or any other finish.

But if you are a newbie in sandblasting, then let me tell you that there are majorly three Types Of Sandblaster. All of them differ when it comes to working. So, you have to choose your requirements. Thus in our today’s article, we are going to tell you about all three different Types Of Sandblaster. Just scroll down and take a look at it yourself.

Types Of Sandblaster

Although there are majorly three different Types Of Sandblaster that you can choose from according to your needs, all of these best sandblasters have the same general method in common.

Media blasting is done by an airpower gun, also known as the best sandblaster gun, which will propel silica sand towards a surface at an exceptionally high rate of speed.

Generally, it uses the compressed air that helps the best sandblaster to supply the power to the gun. Through it, the sand is forced out of a barrel, which will simply direct it toward your target. Here your target will be the area you are looking to sandblast.

Now, after hearing this, anyone could claim that it is a precarious process. Well, it is dangerous. Therefore, you must take proper precautions as well as safety measures before you start using a portable sandblaster. Now, let’s get straight to know about the three Types Of Sandblaster.

Gravity Feed Media blaster

Gravity-Fed Sandblaster- The first type of the best sandblaster to consider is the Gravity-Fed sandblaster gun. As its name suggests, sand is directed into the barrel of the gun from the top of it. Well, thanks to gravity. These types of sandblaster come with a hopper on the top of the gun. This hooper helps to hold the supply of sand while working with this best sandblaster gun.

As you push the trigger sand will start falling out of the barrel, and simultaneously sand will keep falling from the hopper into the barrel. It will keep the process of sandblasting going. As soon as you leave the trigger, the opening between the barrel and the hoper will get close.

As a result, it will stop sandblasting and keep the remaining sand for further use. This is the first in Types Of Sandblaster, the gravity-fed sandblaster. And this is how it works to do the job of perfect sandblasting.

Pressure Blaster

Pressure Blaster- Pressure blaster is termed as one of the best alternatives of gravity-fed media blaster for delivering sand to the barrel of your gun. In this type of sandblaster, there is a canister of sand which is already under pressure. So, all you have to do is to connect the canister with the best sandblaster gun.

For this purpose, you can use a specialized hose. Now, simply pull the trigger, and it will let the send and air to come out of the canister together with enormous pressure.

Nowadays, pressure blaster are termed to be the best sandblaster because, with the pressure blasters, you will merely face any need for maintenance. But the cost of operations is a bit higher in comparison to others. Most importantly, you can not fill the canister once it is empty.

So, there is more wastage with these types of a sandblaster. But when it comes to power, the pressure blaster are the real beast.

Siphon Sandblaster

Siphon Sandblaster- As the last option, suction is always a very central source. You can get one of the best sandblasting experience with the Siphon Sandblasters. For the Siphon sandblaster to work, the gun is connected via two distinct hosen.

One hose goes directly to the compressor, and the second hose goes towards the sand reservoir of any kind of sand you are likely to use for the sandblasting process.

As soon as the air kicks on, it starts creating suction through the gun, which will pull the sand through and out of the barrel. This type of operations are relatively very affordable and cost-friendly.

The best part is that you can use it continuously as you can simply recollect the sand and place it back into the reservoir for using it again and again. If you ever have to sandblast a large surface. Then possibly, the Siphon Sandblaster is the best sandblaster to cover the whole surface very efficiently and effectively.

Also, the siphon blaster is a portable sandblaster, and you can take it from one place to another for an efficient media blasting process.

So, these are the type of best sandblaster available in the market. After all, sandblaster is one of the most amazing and exciting tools available for various tasks.

No matter what type of sandblaster you use, their work is what is considered the best. So if you are also looking to complete the task then also keep in mind some other factors too. Not only fall for the type of sandblaster you require, but you must also check out the power, cost, flexibility, as well as durability of the handheld sandblaster you are looking to purchase.

Then only you will be able to get the best one available in the market. Or you can just check out our list of best sandblasters and you will easily find out the appropriate as well as the best sandblaster for you.

The Final Thoughts

This is all about the Types Of Sandblaster. The best sandblaster is a mighty and robust machine. Thus you need to be very active and aware while using it. Because a small mistake could result in some severe loss or injury, but all you need is to get the right sandblaster to do the work for you.

Therefore, you can check out the Oemtools Abrasive Blaster. It is very safe and easy to use; in short, it is the best handheld sandblaster. There are several reasons that people consider it as the best sandblaster for their personal as well as commercial use.

That’s all from our side on the Types Of Sandblaster. Now it is time for you to get the best sandblaster for you among any of the three Types Of Sandblaster. It will always help to make your work easy, simple, and quick. So just keep sandblasting.