Shop Fox M1114 Sandblaster [Complete In-Depth Review]

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Are your important tools or metals, woods, or glass items stained with rust or got stubborn stains? Maybe you must have tried removers, rust converter, and scrubbing with the steel wires, and what not?

But let me tell you that a Sandblaster might be the right solution to your problem. With a perfect combination of all the abrasive material like silica sand as well as the air under pressure helps to remove all the stubborn stains at a single go. And when it is about the sandblaster. Where are we going to find a better one then the Shop Fox M1114 Sandblaster?

This best sandblaster removes all the stubborn stains quickly and efficiently. Every time you use this handheld sandblaster. The outcome will always be a fresh clean surface. No matter how bad the stains are supposed to be.

The Shop Fox M1114 Sandblaster also helps you to get rid of the dents and helps to create a smooth surface on your workpiece. But normally the sandblaster comes with a major issue- The dust. That’s what the sandblaster cabinets are actually for. They protect you and your nearby area from the dust.

With this best sandblaster, you are not at the risk of breathing problems, and your nearby area also remains clean. Unfortunately, not all the sandblaster cabinets work in the same manner. Now, this could create some problems. But all these problems are not for you folks. Because the Shop Fox M1114 Sandblaster comes with the best of quality and offers you some astonishing features.

So to completely help you out. Below we have done the complete Shop Fox M1114 Sandblaster review. It will help you know everything including flaws of this best sandblaster. So that you can decide if it is the ideal sandblaster for you or not. So let’s just scroll down and take a look at the Shop Fox M1114 Sandblaster review.

Shop Fox M1114 Sandblaster Review

Size & Weight – The first thing that we loved about this portable sandblaster and we bet you are going to love that too is the size of this sandblaster. This piece sized, 24 by 21 by 19 inches. So, with this size, this handheld sandblaster is small enough to completely fit in your garage room or your shop. So it becomes very easy and simple to store.

It won’t take much space inside your shop and will give you amazing performance. Also, let me tell you that it is a very lightweight piece. It just weighs 50 pounds. Making it very lightweight and easy to transport. So, if you want to work in different places from time to time. With the Shop Fox M1114 Sandblaster, it is very easy to lift it and take it from one place to another.

Making things convenient is a major concern. Therefore, with the compact design and lightweight piece, it is going to make all the cleaning tasks very simple and easy. The glass on the top of the cabinet is big enough allowing you to see everything without much struggle. It is super clear and therefore making the view even better. Also, it allows you to work even more efficiently.

But don’t go to its size, it has good capacity allowing it to work in a good manner. It comes with an abrasive capacity of 10 pounds. Making its performance an amazing and massive one.

Performance – Well, you must not go on to the size of this sandblaster. Because when it comes to performance, this piece is just a massive one for sure. It is simply a beast packed in a compact cabinet. It works at the pressure of 60-100 PSI. This power makes it robust enough to handle all small to large tasks.

So, if you used to have different small to large tasks coming in front of you. Then let me tell you that the Shop Fox M1114 Sandblaster is the best one to help you out here at the best potential. It leaves all your items super clean, the best in removing all the dust and stains.

Performance is the most important factor. And the major reason we are providing you with the Shop Fox M1114 Sandblaster review is its major performance factor. When it is about removing old paint or rust off the metal. Good air pressure is all it takes. This is where this portable sandblaster always stands straight for you. It helps you save lots of time and hard work for you.

Access Doors – The Shop Fox M1114 Sandblaster comes with two access doors which are quite a very good thing and also very convenient. Both of these access doors are 16 inches wide. These doors make working a lot more easy and convenient.

Power Source – For every sandblaster, the power source is the most important part. Now the power source of the Shop Fox M1114 Sandblaster works in both the manner. It works as a perk for some people yet it is one of the flows for some people too.

The power source of this handheld sandblaster is through a corded electric cable. Now as a perk, it is a good one. Because the corded cable is a great source of power. And you will never have to stuck in between while working because of a lack of power.

But as a flow, if you are working on a place, where you don’t have any plug point available to attach the cable. At that time, it could create some problems for you while working. Although, it is a portable sandblaster as I said above. It is very lightweight and easy to take from one place to another.

So it is up to you if the source of power for this best sandblaster works as a perk or a flow for you. Because some people consider this thing as a good point. While a few people have considered is a small drawback of this handheld sandblaster.

Complete Consumer Satisfaction – The company does everything they could to help their consumer get proper satisfaction with their products as well as the services they provide. The company is giving a warranty of 1 year with the Shop Fox M1114 Sandblaster. Also, they offer 24×7 consumer support available just a single call away.

So if you ever face any problem with this product (Although you are never going to). Then the company is standing by your side to help you provide the best of services as well as proper consumer support for the complete satisfaction of all their consumers.

Convenience- It is very simple, convenient as well as the most amazing tool for sandblasting. Because the Shop Fox M1114 Sandblaster is a cabinet sandblaster. Therefore all the sandblasting work is done inside the cabinet.

So all the sand or any other abrasive remains inside this best sandblaster itself. As a result, no sand will spread all over the room. It will remain inside this handheld sandblaster itself.

The best part is that all the sand remain completely pure and free from outside impurities. The best part is that you can simply reuse all the sand again and again. Also, it won’t be messing with the complete room in which the sandblasting work is done.

So, the Shop Fox M1114 Sandblaster is the best tool when it comes the convenience.

Durability Of Shop Fox M1114 Sandblaster – Apart from all the above features. The durability of the Shop Fox M1114 Sandblaster is one of the major concerns for us. Because if the sandblaster doesn’t last long. Then there is actually no point of how amazing the sandblaster is.

but with this best sandblaster, you are surely going to get the best of durability experience. This portable sandblaster is made of stainless steel which is rust free and tough. So, for all those who are looking for a rough and tough sandblasting machine. This piece is surely going to be compatible with you and provide you with the best of sandblasting services for sure.

Also, it has a built-in fluorescent lamp. It helps you to see everything inside the cabinet quite clearly so that you can sandblast everything perfectly. No doubt, the blast cabinets are the best for preparing small parts and making the completely ready to use.

The only drawback with the Shop Fox M1114 Sandblaster is that the fluorescent lamp tends to take quite more electricity. So, if you are a save electricity kind of person, then this piece is going to be a little offensive for you. But at an affordable price, overall it quite an amazing product to consider.

The Final Verdict

So this is all from my side on the Shop Fox M1114 Sandblaster Review. No doubt, it is one of the most amazing and outstanding sandblasters you can find in the market nowadays.

It has all the essential features and other specifications that you can expect in any best sandblaster. Well, at a very affordable price, it is nearly impossible to find any other sandblaster this much amazing in the market for sure.

Comparing it with any other cabinet blaster available at this price. No other tool can stand in front of this amazing piece for sure.

In a nutshell, the Shop Fox M1114 Sandblaster is the best choice for households as well as commercial purposes. it has all the features and available at a very affordable price. So, if you also looking for a budget-friendly yet best sandblaster.

Then all you need to do is simply press the buy now button below. And order this handheld sandblaster as soon as possible. So that it could be available for you at your doorsteps within a day or two.