Sandblasting Vs Water Blasting [Which Is Better & Why]

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Sandblasting Vs Water Blasting

For every paint job, surface preparation is one of the most important factors that affect the quality as well as the performance of the object. The result is said to be optimum when the surface is completely free of dust, dirt, and grease and prepared correctly to ensure good coating adhesion to the substrate.

So, the most common two methods of cleaning the surface are sandblasting and water blasting. But it gives rise to another question that which one is better sandblasting or water blasting? Therefore, today in this article, we are going to tell you everything about Sandblasting Vs Water Blasting.

It will help you get a better understanding of what is sandblasting and what is water blasting. So you can get to know if you should buy a portable sandblaster or pressure washer for your upcoming task. Now just scroll down and have a look at complete Sandblasting Vs Water Blasting.

Sandblasting Vs Water Blasting- Which One Is Better?

Water Blasting

Water Blasting- Waterblasting is said to provide a very efficient, economic, safe as well as the most eco-friendly method of blasting.

Since it uses water for blasting, it could be done with huge pressure to efficiently clean the surface. But when it is about removing tough stains or rust from the iron. Water blasting could lack at some points.

Although it is economical, alongside it also tends to create so much wastage of water. When it is about cleaning, nothing could ever beat water blasting at all. It is one of the most efficient ways of cleaning and with minimal wastage.

Also, when it is about expenditure, water blasting is one of the most economical ways of blasting. This is a general overview of water blasting. Now, let’s also have a look at the few benefits the water blasting provides its users with.

Benefits Of Water Blasting

Benefits Of Water Blasting

  • Water blasting allows you to clean as well as prepare a wide variety of exterior painted surfaces. The best part is that water blasting doesn’t require any kind of harsh chemicals. Thus there is no risk of releasing unsafe contaminants inside the air at all.
  • Unlike chemical-based cleaning. After water blasting, you will not find any residue behind it. Now it makes your work a lot easier. Because after you are done with water blasting. No rinsing is required. Thus it saves so much work for you.
  • With the water blasting equipment, the users can adjust the pressure and easily switch between different fan nozzles. This means you can easily do different types of jobs with water blasting very easily without facing any problems at all. For example, if you have to remove dust, cobwebs, and contaminants, then you can reduce the pressure and low pressure will be enough. Whereas, if you have to remove the adhesive and multi-layer coating, then you have to increase the pressure.
  • As soon as the surface dries out completely after water blasting. The surface becomes completely clean, chemical-free, and ready for reuse.

So, these are some of the benefits of water blasting. If handled properly, water blasting is one of the most amazing ways of cleaning a surface. Now, it is time for us to move further to Sandblasting Vs Water Blasting and check out everything about sandblasting and the best portable sandblaster.

What Is Sandblasting

Sandblasting- Sandblasting is known to be one of the most most common surface preparation methods for metal. With the best handheld sandblaster, you can successfully and safely remove the dust, dirt, as well as old paint from the different surfaces.

Also, there are two types of sandblasting. Although the type of sandblaster remains the same. But the type of abrasive gets changed.

  1. Wet Sandblasting- It implies the use of a high power stream of water mixed with the sand or any other abrasive material to sandblast.
  2. Dry Sandblasting- Dry sandblasting is the one that involves the use of highly pressurized air in conjunction with the abrasives.

Benefits Of Sandblasting

Benefits Of Sandblasting

There are several benefits of sandblasting. Thus below we have mentioned some of them so just scroll down and check them out.

  • Comparing Sandblasting Vs Water Blasting, sandblasting provides a better, easier as well as a lot faster way of cleaning and preparing different surfaces for painting. Because the best handheld sandblaster comes with amazing pressure to push abrasive at a very high speed.
  • The pressure and degree of sandblasting could be adjusted to perform a wide variety of operations, from light cleaning such as removing dust, dirt, grit, rust as well as old paint, to deep cutting including shaping, roughening and smoothing of surfaces.
  • Sandblasting is one of the most powerful ways of blasting any kind of media. It is even more powerful than sandpaper. Thus, it allows all the professionals to prepare the surface within hours instead of taking days for the same task.

So, these are some of the benefits of sandblasting. Although the portable sandblaster, as well as the pressure washers, is quite a similar kind of tool. But still, there are many differences in the way they work as well as their requirements for work.

Thus for Sandblasting Vs Water Blasting, if we try to consider which one is better then let me tell you that it all depends on the purpose of work. If our purpose is to clean the surface or wash anything then water blasting is better. But for removing old paint or rust, the best portable sandblaster is what we all need.

Conclusion Time

Sandblasting Vs Water Blasting

This is all from our side about the Sandblasting Vs Water Blasting. There are several differences between sandblasting and water blasting. But still, they are the tools from the same category and work for the same industry as well.

But despite all the difference between sandblasting and water blasting, no one can conclude that which one is better. Because as we just said, their purpose of the use is what makes them better suitable and not better than the other tool.

That’s all about Sandblasting Vs Water Blasting. We hope you got something valuable from our article today.