Sandblasting Tips & Tricks [How To Use The Best Sandblaster]

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We all know why sandblasting is useful. Whether you are using it for commercial purposes or just restoring that old car in your garage, sandblasting is incredibly valuable. But are you getting the most out of your portable sandblaster? Today we will go more in-depth to know the best Sandblasting Tips & Tricks.

These Sandblasting Tips & Tricks will help you know your best sandblaster gun to a great extent, and it will help you get the complete worth out of it. Because using a product without having a deep knowledge about it may sometimes cause a problem to you.

It’s really important for you to know how you have to use a particular product so that you can have better advantages. And if you are using a product for the first time.

Its really important to know the tips that will guide you how to use it. So, let’s just begin with what Sandblasting Tips & Tricks you must know before having a sandblaster in your hand.

Sandblasting Tips & Tricks [How To Utilise Your Best Sandblaster]

Sandblasting Tips & Tricks

#1. Type Of The Sandblaster: There are three types of sandblaster. You must choose the right blaster for the job. This decision could make a huge difference and also helps to determine whether or not the end result is good or not. Should you be using a siphon or pressure handheld sandblaster.

If your main focus is to work on a vehicle, then a siphon sandblaster will be a good option because they are much slower compared to a pressure blaster. However they are cheaper, create fewer problems, and won’t even require replacing the nozzle more often. The slower spray also allows you to retain sand for future use.

But if your area of focus is on big zones, then choosing the pressure sandblaster will be okay—this kind of portable sandblaster work by pressurizing the tank filled with blasting sand.

Unlike the siphon blaster, pressurize sandblasters sprays at a very high speed, and it will get the job done in a lot quicker time. To be more specific, you can get the job four times faster.

Best Sandblaster

#2. Quality Of Sand: With the portable sandblaster, it is always better to use sand with is clean, dry, and has a consistent size, and flows well. If the sand is too fine and an almost powder-like substance, it is much likely that the sand can cake up and clog.

Let me tell you that this could be very bad for your machine. These kinds of things could damage your sandblaster and hinder your work too. Also, you need to make sure that your sand is clear of debris. These kinds of small things will help you enhance the life of your best sandblaster.

If you are using the sand which has pebbles, rocks sticks, or bits of bark, it could also cause your machine to get a clog. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that you are using good quality sand in your portable sandblaster. And it will always provide you good results.

Do take a not of it, because sand is the essence of the best sandblaster gun. It is one of the most important Sandblasting Tips & Tricks.

#3. Blast Cabinets: If your primary focus is on blasting smaller parts as a part of your job, it will be a better idea to invest in a blast cabinet. Blast cabinets are also a type of portable sandblaster. They are like a large container where you can put a small object you need to sandblast in.

The major benefit you get from using this kind of handheld sandblaster is that it can collect all the sand you use.

Or in short, it can simply help you reuse all the sand that you use for blasting any object. Many people even make their own blast cabinets.

But for the sandblasting quality as well as the safety purpose, we will always recommend you to get the one which is professionally made. Not only the safety concern but in this type of portable sandblaster, sandblasting quality also plays a vital role.

Sandblasting Tips

#4. Safety: The most important part while sandblasting is to make sure you are safe. You must not forget sand is nothing else than some small rocks. They can do some damage, and sometimes, so much damage. If you have ever gone to the beach, then you must be aware of the discomfort sand creates on your eyes.

Imagine the same is happening again. But now the sand will come to you at a speed of 1000 PSI. While using the best sandblaster, wearing the proper safety gear isn’t just recommended, it is highly required.

Wearing adequate eyewear will be useful to make sure no sand gets in your eyes. Need not to make any mistake; it could be blinding.

Also, it is recommended to wear proper respiratory filters. You must not want to be breathing the high-velocity sand at all. As a better option, you should wear the complete bodysuit while working with the portable sandblaster. It is the most important part of Sandblasting Tips & Tricks.

Wear full body coveralls, a hood, pair of gloves, etc. All of these things are very important.

To reiterate, sand in the tiny pieces of rocks. We all know that it seems to be harmless when we walk over it on the beach. But sand with high-velocity speed can really cause some severe damage to your skin, eyes as well as while breathing.

To Wrap Up

Sandblasting Tricks

This is all from our side about the Sandblasting Tips & Tricks. Sandblasting is one of the essential tasks nowadays. But keeping in mind all the Sandblasting Tips & Tricks is very important while using the best sandblaster.

Sandblasting tends to provide some fantastic results. It is a fast and effective way of getting all the things done, from cleaning to restoration. However, it is the most important to do all the things in the right way to get the best results that you desire.



Along with efficiently using the portable sandblaster, choosing the right one is also very important. If asked to me, the Oemtools 24815 Abrasive Blaster will be the right choice.

This is all from our side about the Sandblasting Tips & Tricks. Use them, and it will not only help you to keep your best sandblaster gun efficient and long life, but it will also give you the best results while working too. Thus, you must start implementing it right away, and you are surely going to love the remarkable results.