Sandblasting Media Types [Different Types Of Sand For Sandblasting]

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Sandblasting Media Types

Sandblasting or nowadays popularly known as abrasive blasting is a great process that uses some kind of media to polish or sometimes smoothen out a rough surface. Nowadays, we are surrounded by machinery and metal parts. Where rust and corrosion are the most common pestilence.

Thankfully, we have the portable sandblaster to make these metal parts functional and looking at their optimum best really quickly. Also, it is best to remove old paint and other stuff from the surface that needs repainting.

As the name suggests, the handheld sandblaster uses different types of sand for sandblasting. These Sandblasting Media Types are used to blast through a surface in a bid. It helps to make the surface smooth and remove all the impurities.

The abrasive or the media is pushing out of the grit with massive pressure and causes the blast to occur. It is easy to determine how fast the process is and the quality of the result of sandblasting through the amount of pressure.

To denote the best sandblaster gun, the term sandblaster for used in the past. Because only sand as the media was available to utilize. It is quite evident that the metal fabrication industry keeps on improving in terms of their trends. Thus, media blasting also needs to be improving to match the needs.

This is what we will be talking about in our today’s article. Today, we are going to tell you about the Sandblasting Media Types. Thus, let’s just don’t waste much time and move further to take a look at all the types of sand used for sandblasting.

Sandblasting Media Types

Silica Dioxide

Silica Dioxide Or Silica Sand- It is also known as silica or quartz, this is the ordinary type of sand. You can use this sand in all the types of a sandblaster. Silica sandblasting with the best sandblaster gun is the most common method for removing impurities from the surface.

It is very efficient because the sand particles generally have the same size along with sharp edges. Therefore, it makes the abrasive blasting very efficient to use. Although, this kind of abrasive blaster used to be very popular.

But nowadays, it is no longer a preferred choice for most of the users. Because many other blast mediums work better than sand. Nevertheless, if you are using the sandblaster from the family of Walmeck, you can get the most amazing performance from them even with Silica.

Steel Grit

Steel Grit- While in the process of sandblasting with the handheld sandblaster, steel grit is one of the best types of sand for sandblasting, in the removal of paint and rust from the steel metals.

Using the steel is quite efficient and no wonder it is one of the best Sandblasting Media Types. Because it is recommended to leave a very smooth finish. Thanks to the fast cutting nature of the steel grit, it becomes the best because of the same reason.

So, if you are looking for the best sandblaster gun with steel grit, then let me know you that the Neiko 30042A sandblaster is going to be the right choice for you.

Soda Sandblasting Media

Soda- Soda sandblasting is the most popular nowadays. The soda blasting uses the baking soda or the bicarbonate of the soda as their preferred blasting process. Soda is one of the most popular Sandblasting Media Types to remove rust from metals.

The best part is that the soda will never cause any kind of depression or damage to the metal beneath the rough surface. Hence making the soda blasting easy and convenient on the metal surface. Also, if you are looking to use the portable sandblaster on delicate material. Then soda is one of the best types of sand used for sandblasting on them.

Bristle sandblasting media

Bristle Blasting- This is one of the very unique Sandblasting Media types. In this type, there are no different sandblasting media to use. Rather, in this method, we rotate steel wire bristles all over the surface.

This is one of the most amazing methods as well as a great aid for the removal of impurities. Hence, in the end, it leaves the surface completely smooth and clean. This method of sandblasting is the most popular with a clean metal surface which is having some kind of corrosion.

Glass Beads

Glass Beads- Glass beads are very efficient and one of my favorite method of abrasive blasting. They are silica free and environment-friendly to use. Also, let me tell you that if you have a portable sandblaster like the Shop Fox M1114 sandblaster, then glass beads will be the most efficient media for it.

You can use glass beads in several areas. The glass beads one of the best types of sand for sandblasting to remove imperfections like rust, scale, burrs, and a lot more.

It is an excellent Sandblasting Media Types for paint preparations. Also, the glass beads are the most popular to provide a very unique, matte, and satin finish to the surface. You can expect to get a clean finish on a variety of metal through this sandblasting media.

Not only that but a variety of softer metals like the aluminum can also get an effective treatment using glass beads in the best sandblaster gun.

Final Few Words

Types Of Sand For Sandblasting

There are several Sandblasting Media Types including the steel, soda, silicon dioxide, bristle, glass beads, and a lot more. But in all these abrasive blasting methods, there is one thing in common. That they all use a specific type of grit to achieve the desired result.

Hence, there is always a need to determine the correct technique of use. For example, if you are looking to remove old paint from your car because you have to repaint it. Then using the beads in the handheld sandblaster will be best.

Because beads help to delicately remove the surface paint and they won’t even damage the metal body of the vehicle. Thus, knowing the Sandblasting Media Types is very important to complete your work efficiently and perfectly.

And the description of all the types of sand for sandblasting, you can easily know which sand is perfect for what type of work.

Hence, from now you won’t face any problem regarding the sandblasting media at all. After all, not only the handheld sandblaster should be the best. But the type of sand for sandblasting should also be the best in order to get the desire results.

This is all from our side about this topic. Now it is time for you all to see which media is the best suitable for your work. Or what different media you need to use for all your works.