Pressure VS Suction Blast Cabinet [The Two Main Type of Sandblaster]

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Pressure VS Suction Blast Cabinet

The best sandblaster is the most effective and powerful tool for blasting out the media that helps in smoothing and polishing the surfaces. It is the most efficient way of getting rid of rusted surfaces.

Well, the applications of a sandblaster are uncountable. A good sandblaster provides many benefits to its user and has multiple uses. You just need to have the right tool and you will get the best results.

But having a product is not enough. As there are different types of sandblasters, you should know how each type works. But before that, you should know the difference between them.

And so, today we are here with this. In this article, Pressure VS Suction Blast Cabinet you will get to know the basic difference between the two.

This guide will provide accurate information that you must need to know. Well, different types of sandblasters have different working methods.

So, you can go through the above link and check how different sandblasters work. But as we have said above, before getting into further information, you just need to know the difference between pressure blast and suction blast cabinet.

So, let’s not waste much time and check the Pressure VS Suction Blast Cabinet article.

Pressure VS Suction Blast Cabinet

difference between pressure blast and suction blast cabinet

Sandblasting cabinets perform a variety of operations like frosting, deburring, surface preparation for coating, and scaling and rust removal. The best sandblaster 2020 blasts out the sand and other abrasives at a high-speed.

This quickly removes all the dirt and debris and results in a smooth finish surface. Different sandblasters have different working methods.

So, let’s check out what different features does the pressure blast and suction blast cabinet supports. Below we have provided the basic features that both these blasting cabinets support along with the pros and cons they offer.

So, it will become much easier for you to compare them and choose them according to your requirements.

Knowing what merits and demerits do a particular product offers to help us make the right decision depending upon our needs.

Pressure Blast: Well, as the name signifies, this type of sandblaster is the canister that blasts high pressurized sand for processing. When the user pulls the trigger, the sand blasts out from the machine for the further cleaning process.

The pressurized vessel contains the blast media which forces out through a nozzle when a user pulls out the trigger.

The best example of this pressure blast cabinet is Superdental Fine Unit Sandblaster. It provides amazing quality of features that a customer looks for.


  • Well, the most attractive feature that every best pressure sandblaster provides and is known for is it’s high-speed.
  • Yes, guys, with the best sandblaster of pressure blast type, you can perform your blasting job 3-4 times higher.
  • Comparing Pressure VS Suction Blast Cabinet, pressure blast cabinets are known for providing a much higher speed.
  • Another difference between pressure blast and suction blast is in the speed of throwing out the blasting media. The abrasive media delivering speed is twice than those of suction blast cabinets.
  • Well, blasting through metallic media like shot and grit is much easier with this type is the best handheld sandblaster. So, for shot blasting, it is better to use these cabinet blasters rather than the siphon one.


  • More components and the air is required in pressure blast cabinets. And so, the setup is much more complicated. It requires investing more effort and time to set these cabinets.
  • The components of these blasting machines wear out a faster rate as they deliver the media with great force.

best sandblaster

Suction (Siphon) Blast: Now, comparing Pressure VS Suction Blast Cabinet, the Suction portable sandblaster is comfortable for dealing with general cleaning and light production jobs.

This type of sandblaster uses a suction gun that a user uses for pulling blast media through a hose. Then a blast nozzle pushes the media to the cabinet at a high speed.

Well, the best example of this type of sandblaster is LEMATEC AS118-3 Sandblaster. This handheld sandblaster offers all the features that a sandblasting gun must offer with durable quality.

It helps its users to clean the dirt and debris easily from all the surfaces. So, for effective surface treatment, this would be the perfect option for you.


  • Well, in today’s world, time is the most important thing we all try to save. And if we compare Pressure VS Suction Blast Cabinet, siphon blasters need less equipment to assemble it. So, it is an easy and quick process to use this type.
  • Another great difference between pressure blast and suction blast cabinet is in the amount of air they use. Yes, guys, siphon blasters use less air than the pressure cabinets even if they use the same nozzle size.


  • Though these sandblaster cabinets use less air, they operate with lower air pressure. So, their working speed is much lower than those of pressure blasters.
  • These are not suitable for heavy industrial blasting as they can’t use more force for steel shot or grit to perform the blasting job.
  • The blast media in these cabinets are pushed with a lighter speed. So, it takes quite more time than the pressure ones to perform any task.
  • Comparing Pressure VS Suction Blast Cabinet, heavy stains are not easy to remove through the siphon blasters as they are less aggressive. 


Pressure VS Suction Blast CabinetWell, we have offered a great comparison between the two. We hope you all are now aware of the differences and liked the content. We tried to resolve all your problems.

So, if you are looking for a sandblaster for industrial purposes, you should only go for these pressure blast cabinets. And siphon blast cabinets are useful for lighter tasks only. So, it will be suitable for easy household purposes.

Well, we have also provided the best alternatives for both types. So, if you are looking for a pressure blaster, you can go for our suggestion. And so, with the suction blaster also. They both with surely provide you the amazing features and best working quality.