How Sandblaster Works [Complete Guide To Sandblasting]

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How Sandblaster Works

All the best sandblasters roughly work on the same principle: The usage of finely ground silica sand to clean a surface, metal, any rust, paint, or any other unwanted raw material.

All this is done with the help of an air-powered pressure gun, or I should say the best sandblaster gun. It fires out the sand at great velocity to impact the intended surface. Generally, all the portable sandblaster use a pressurized gun.

These guns come with a ceramic barrel or an interior coating. This coating prevents the sand from eroding the gun over time.

But let me know you that the exact method through which the sand introduces to the gun differs. It is because there are three different types of sandblasters. And every type has its own way of working.

So today in this article, we will be telling you How Sandblaster Works. It becomes easy to understand the working of a sandblaster when we understand them according to their types.

This is what we are going to do today. We will see all the three types of sandblasters and understand their working one by one. Now, what are we waiting for? Just scroll down and have a look at it yourself.

How Sandblaster Works

How To Sandblast

Working Of Gravity Fed Sandblasters- The very first one, to begin with, is the gravity-fed model. You can better understand this model by dividing it into three basic parts.

The first one is an air compressor or a pressurized air tank. The second part is a hand-held pressure gun with an air hose along with the hopper on the top of the gun. The hose is the most important part. It is the part that gets connected to the air tank.

Hopper is the part that contains the sand or we should say the abrasive. Because there are a variety of abrasives available for the best sandblasters.

When you press the trigger of the gun, two things happen. First, the compressed air fires through the gun as long as you keep on pressing the trigger. The second thing that happens is an opening at the top of the gun. It is the point at which the hopper is connected opens.

Now, the gun pushes a massive airflow through the gun and the force of gravity pulls the sand down from the gun and out of the barrel. This is How Sandblaster Works when it is the gravity-fed sandblaster.

If you are looking for the best gravity-fed sandblaster, then our suggestion for you is to have a look at the Black Bull Gravity Fed Blaster. It is one of the most amazing and powerful.

Working Of Pressure Blasters- The pressure blasters are more often used by commercial organizations. As the pressure blasters are significantly easier to use as compare to other models. But they are equally expensive and cost more to use.

Therefore, they are more feasible for commercial purposes. They consist of the large canister which contains the abrasive under high pressure. You can relate it to the concept behind an aerosol can, it is quite similar to that. Because they are very lightweight and easy to use, they are amazing portable sandblaster.

The best sandblaster gun, usually a two-handed model is connected to the port at the top of the canister by the means of specialized hose that can withstand the abrading effects of the sand.

As soon as you pull the trigger of the gun, both the sand as well as the air comes out as a single entity. This means you don’t need any cleanup and maintenance. But every good thing comes with some drawbacks. Because the canister is fully enclosed, hence the sand you once fire can never be reused.

Also, as soon as the canaster gets empty, you need to swap it out with the other one. Or you need to purchase an entirely new one which adds up a lot to the expenditure of sandblasting.

One of the great pressure sandblasters is the XtremepowerUS Portable Air Blaster. As the name suggests it comes with extreme power along with amazing durability.

Complete Guide To Sandblasting

Working Of A Siphon Sandblaster- How Sandblaster Works is one of the most complicated questions for the siphon sandblaster. Because they are the most amazing yet the most complicated to understand.

It is the best to clean and strip large surface and it is moderately cheap. It comprises of three parts, a sandblasting gun, and two separate hoses. One hose connects to the bottom of the handle and the other connects to the underside of the barrel.

It consists of a normal pressurized tank along with an air compressor. It also consists of a reservoir of loose sand. This takes the form of some kind of container or a large bucket. The air hose of the gun connects to the compressor while the other side of the hose connects to the underside of the separate sand reservoir.

When you fire the gun, the air serves to create a suction. It pulls the sand from the reservoir up the hose and into the gun to fire out of the barrel. As a result of this system, you can easily collect the sand that gets out of the barrel and place it back into the reservoir to simply reuse it again and again.

The greatest example of the Siphon Sandblaster is the Owlhouse professional sandblaster. It includes amazing features and very easy to use.

Final Thoughts

Working of a sandblaster

This is all from our side about the How Sandblaster Works. No doubt, a sandblaster is one of the most amazing tools, and knowing How Sandblaster Works is very important. It helps us utilize the best sandblaster to the most and also to take proper care of it.

This is all about the How Sandblaster Works. Now it is time for you to pick up your portable sandblaster and start using it in the best possible manner. Because now you know how the best sandblaster gun works. Thus it will become a lot more efficient for you to use one.