Grizzly Industrial T27158-20 Sandblaster “Best Portable Sandblaster”

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Cleaning the floor with a mop, dusting out the highlighted objects in the house or at your working place is just half the battle. You would need a portable sandblaster to fight with the old paint, rust, and dirt to get the completely cleaned area.

Though you can use a sandpaper, it won’t work well in industrial areas. So, we have an amazing option for you to consider and that is. This is a perfect sandblasting machine that will help you get rid of all the tough cleaning tasks.

If you want to get rid of the stuck matter from any surface, this is the best tool for you. Well, there are many sandblasters that work well for only household purposes. But this tool will be a perfect option for industrial purposes.

So, let’s move forward and see what amazing features does this product supports. And how much comfortable and useful it would be for its users.

 Remarkable Features of Grizzly Industrial T27158-20 Sandblaster

There are some essential features that every sandblasting machine must support for being the best tool of all. Every product has its key features.

So, you must buy a product that can stand up to those features. And no doubt, this tool is among them. So, let’s see what amazing features does it provides.

Potability: A product attracts the customer with its features. The more advanced and comfortable feature it supports, the more it attracts the customers.

And of course, Grizzly Industrial T27158-20 Sandblaster is an attractive tool, The first and foremost key feature which we would share about it to you guys is its portability.

Yes, it is a portable sandblaster that allows its users to carry it easily from one place to another. The users don’t feel a burden in carrying it. The compact designing assures you the quality of material and work you are going to receive.

Its working performance will surely be a blast that will quickly and easily clear out the rust, dust, and old paint.

Well, carrying it will not only be where you will win the race. Another amazing feature that this best sandblaster 2020 supports is its amazing working performance.

It works so smoothly and quickly rinse off all the stubborn marks you were trying to remove since years. It easily works with almost almost all types of blasting media.

There are various different types of blasting media suitable for different types of products. But Grizzly Industrial is an amazing brand that offers quality products in all its products.

You can check another amazing product that belongs from the same sandblaster family and offers equally amazing features. 

Working Pressure: Well, to get rid of the stubborn marks, the tool must generate a high pressure for better results. The highly it will pressurize the media, the quickly and easily it will remove the rust from the surface.

Well, let us apprise you that Grizzly Industrial T27158-20 Sandblaster, produces max pressure up to 125 PSI. So, whenever you will blast the media from its hose, it will produce a high pressure resulting in quick surface cleaning.

Well, apart from high working pressure, this handheld sandblaster has a 10-feet long blasting hose. Though you can easily drag the machine to different places, you can cover a long distance with its hose.

You would not need to carry the sandblaster again and again whenever you will switch to different areas. You can keep it at one place and move through the hose. And whenever needed, you can then drag the machine through the required area.

The capacity of holding the blasting media is 80 lbs. Well, its quite impressive. Isn’t it? It can hold a large amount of blasting media. So, you would not need to refill Grizzly Industrial T27158-20 Sandblaster in a short interval.

Once you will fill it completely, you can cover a wide area in a single attempt. And as the package provides four replacement Ceramic tips, you can clean different areas with a single tool.

It means the four tips allow you to blast  media on four different type of surfaces. You won’t need to buy a different product for different purposes.

You just have to simply change the tips according to the requirements. And all your blasting job will be completed without consuming much time and much efforts. 

The tip bore sizes of these four nozzles are 0.065 inches, 0.095 inches, 0.115 inches, and 0.135 inches. So, these are different sizes of tip nozzles that will let you perform your blasting jobs on narrow to wider surfaces with different blasting media.

Well, when it comes to cleaning, no one knows what marks come into notice while you are performing your job. Sometimes you buy a product for some specific purposes, but then gradually realize the need for different tasks.

But as we have already discussed above, Grizzly Industrial T27158-20 Sandblaster is a versatile tool that can work differently on different surfaces with different purposes.

Well, there is one more amazing feature that this handheld sandblaster inherits. It is very convenient and comfortable to use it as it is featured with self-emptying moisture trap.

Final Verdicts

So, guys, this is all Grizzly Industrial T27158-20 Sandblaster is all about. Well, durable quality, portable feature and amazing working performance. This is all that sum up the complete product. It inherits really amazing and attractive features.

Well, if you are looking for a quality product, this is surely the best sandblaster 2020 that will surely impress you with its amazing features.

Well, we would now sum up this article here, and we would again advise you to invest in this product. It will surely be the best choice and right decision.