Evolution Of Sandblaster [How Sandblasters Origenated]

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Evolution Of Sandblaster

The Evolution Of Sandblaster is as old as the universe because it is a naturally occurring system. It is quite fair to say that no person, in general, has actually invented the sandblaster; instead, they were able to harness it.

Particles like dust, sand, or particles picked up by the wind generates the potential to alter the surface of another object or impact.

The examples of sandblasting are evident all over the earth. But they are more commonly known as wind erosion.

The aeolian process is concerned with wind activity, as well as the ability to alter the shape of the earth if you have seen photos taken by the MARS rovers have shown strikingly similar properties of erosion to those seen here on earth.

This is the natural process that gives out the idea of sandblasting. Therefore, today we are going to tell you the complete history of a portable sandblaster.

Many people have some questions in their minds like how the best portable sandblasters are made? How were they originated? and a lot more. That’s why today we are going to answer all these questions for you along with the History of Sandblaster.

So, just scroll down and check out everything you need to know concerning the handheld sandblaster history.

Evolution Of Sandblaster- Invention & Origin of Sandblaster

Invention of Sandblaster


The origin of the best portable sandblaster is older then you can even imagine. It was invented in the later 1800s. The person who invented sandblaster was an American soldier, his name was Benjamin Chew Tilghman. He got the idea of a sandblaster when we were in the desert during his time of military.

What he did was observed the effect of wind blows sand on the windows of his room. After he was able to create the concept of sandblasting, he patented the design of the best portable sandblaster in the United States sometimes around the 1870s. Then a patent in the United Kingdom followed later in the same year.

After the official patent, Tilghman was awarded for his invention and then keep on introducing modifications for further new uses. This was where the actual Eevolution Of Sandblaster starts. And he further kept on developing the methods as time went on.

Have you ever heard of the Wheelabrator Tilghman or now known as the Wheelabrator group? Well, the Tilghman was the founder of this company in the late 1800s in Britain. Started with his immense success, the company is still trading to this day.

After Tilghman, in 1904, Thomas Pangborn starts to expand the idea of Tilghman. His incorporation was to compress air with the blast media. This incorporated the Pangborn Group, now manufacturers and supplies the handheld sandblaster all over the world.

The major countries in which Panddborn Group supplies its best handheld sandblaster in the US, UK, Italy, China as well as Germany. No wonder, these are the top countries and maximum users of the portable sandblaster comes from these countries only.

The Modern Sandblasters- Also known as Real Evolution Of Sandblaster

Modern Sandblasters

The other blasting media came into consideration in the late 1930s. It helps a lot to reduce the growing problems. When we check out the history of sandblaster, the only media available at that time was sand. But nowadays, we have distinct media available for better sandblasting.

Medical evidence has shown it already that silicosis was a severe even a fetal problem. They identified it that the best portable sandblaster has a high-risk exposure to the silica dust for both, the operators as well as co-workers.

As an Evolution Of Sandblaster, we found other blasting media. As a result, now we have access to many different blast materials. Ranging from mineral garnet to crushed recycled glass, and tiny plastic spheres, all the way to small cut piece of wire.

It is majorly depending on the type of sandblaster you are using as well as the purpose to select the media.

One of the original developers of the wet abrasive blasting system was Normal Ashworth. In the 1950s, he was able to identify the advantages of using a wet process as one of the strongest alternatives of the best handheld sandblaster.

As a great addition, he also stated that using water helped to reduce the risk of silicosis. And very few people know that by that time, sandblasting was a ban in many countries due to the risk of silicosis.

From this point in the history of sandblaster, the Evolution Of Sandblaster took place and several variations were also there.

Although in terms of human use, the history of sandblaster is quite short. But as with most things, it was in recent times, when things begin to change. Following the last few decades, the machines and components that are available for sandblasting are refining.

It is termed as the new Evolution Of Sandblaster with more efficient air compressors, durable material for the blast nozzles, along with better safety equipment and procedures. This means, in today’s world, we have a lot more broad areas to apply this process of sandblasting that Tilghman has never even dreamed of.

Final Few Words

History Of Sandblasting

This was all about the Evolution Of Sandblaster. Now we all are aware of the best portable sandblaster and using them in our day to day lives.

They are making our life a lot easier. No wonder, a sandblaster is one of the best tools we could ever have for several tasks like removing old paint, rust, dust, and a lot more. Now as you know the history of sandblasters as well as the idea from where they came from.

Now it will become very easy for you to understand your sandblaster and its purpose in a lot better way. Every tool is important and so does there Evolution. And if that tool is the handheld sandblaster, then knowing about it is completely worth it.

That’s all from our side about the Evolution Of Sandblaster. If you still have any doubts or questions left, you know the comment section is right below this article. Just ask and we will respond to all your queries as soon as possible.