Essential Sandblaster Features [Features Every Sandblaster Must Have]

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Essential Sandblaster Features Today sandblasters have become one of the most essential tools for everyone. Because, whenever you think of smoothing and polishing the rough surface before painting and resurfacing it. The only thing that comes to our mind to do the same is a handheld sandblaster.

The best portable sandblaster shoots out the pressurized sand and other abrasive material at a very high pace to clean debris from items for a smooth finish. You can also use it for many other tasks like etching delicate glass apart from its paint, dirt, rust, and corrosion.

There are several abrasives available for you. But all the types of abrasives have their own purpose of work. But to do the work at its best, not only abrasive, but your portable sandblaster should also be a good one.

How to define a good sandblaster or the best handheld sandblaster? Well, the sandblaster features help to define a sandblaster to be a good, better, or the best one.

Thus, today in this article, we will be telling you the Essential Sandblaster Features. These features will help you know what your portable sandblaster is capable of. Also, it will help you to know if your sandblaster is a good one, or are you in need of a new portable sandblaster.

Essential Sandblaster Features

There are a few features every sandblaster must-have. Thus, today we will be only talking about the Essential Sandblaster Features and not some extraordinary features that a few best handheld sandblaster possess. Now let’s check out all the Essential Sandblaster Features.

Large Tank Essential Sandblaster Features

Large tank- Tank is the place where the sand or any other abrasive is filled for the process of sandblasting. Because it is quite normal that a large tank capacity is a must. Because no one will ever like to keep on refilling the tank again and again while sandblasting.

Therefore, having a large tank capacity is actually very important. Because it will help you to continuously do your work without any kind of interruption. Filling the tank again and again while working could be very irritating at some points.

If you are looking for a sandblaster with large tank capacity, then have a look at the XtremepowerUS portable air sandblaster. It comes with a huge tank capacity making all your working very convenient and easy.

Essential Feature Of Sandblaster Sturdy Tires

Sturdy Tires- If you are having a portable sandblaster, then it should be easy to take from one place to another. And without having sturdy tires it isn’t possible. You aren’t thinking to pick up the tank full of sand and take it from one place to another right?

Consequently having sturdy wheels is one of the most Essential Sandblaster Features for every best portable sandblaster. It makes your work very convenient and easy. Especially when you have a very large area to sandblaster. You can’t do it while standing at a single place.

Therefore you need to move the sand tank from one place to another. For this, a pair of story tires becomes one of the features every sandblaster must-have.

Pressure Control

Pressure Control- Pressure control is one of the most Essential Sandblaster Features. There are several reasons behind it. Because sometimes the pressure is the best job, but it could also be distracting in some cases.

Therefore, it plays a very big role in sandblasting. When we sandblast, there is not a single object. We sometimes sandblast in an old car to remove old paint. Or on an iron pipe to get rid of rust and on many other substances too.

Let me remind you that when we sandblast, we don’t only have to take into consideration the suitable abrasive. But also, the right pressure plays a very big role in it.

Because we can’t use maximum pressure to remove the old paint of our car, it will damage the body. On the other hand, low pressure to remove the rust from an iron pipe will never be able to do the same. Hence, flexibility in pressure control is a really very essential feature for every handheld sandblaster.

Not only has the feature, but we should also learn to keep the pressure in control. Because if we don’t know to control the pressure, we are still going to spoil everything. Thus you should be very careful while sandblasting any object.

Looking for a new sandblaster with the right kind of pressure control feature, then we will suggest you have a look at the Owlhouse Professional Sandblaster. It comes with amazing flexibility when it comes to pressure control. Very easy to handle and with great control.

Built In Lights

Built-In Lights- If you are having a cabinet sandblaster or looking to buy one. Then let me tell you that feature every sandblaster must-have is the built-in lights. It is one of the Essential Sandblaster Features for every cabinet sandblaster.

Because if you can’t see where you are sandblasting the object inside the cabinet. Then let me tell you that you will end up spoiling the complete object. Hence built-in lights are really very important inside the sandblasting cabinets.

Nowadays, LED lights are in fashion. They take less power and are really brightening and well-focused. In short, look for the one having LED lights built-in inside the cabinet. It will be a better and convenient option for you.

Talking about the cabinet blasters, the Shop Fox M1114 Sandblaster is a great handheld sandblaster with cabinet. It has amazing ratings on Amazon and several positive reviews too.

Conclusion Time

Features Every Sandblaster Must Have

This is all from our side about the Essential Sandblaster Features. All the above features are a must-have for every best portable sandblaster. Without the above-specified features, your sandblaster is of no use. Because when a tool doesn’t have proper basic features. All the advanced features will never be able to work properly.

That’s all about Essential Sandblaster Features. There are some more features that all the best handheld sandblaster should have. But they are not really essential that’s why we didn’t include them in this guide. Because the above features cover all the important parts and make a sandblaster the best tool to have.