Dirt Devil Versa Steam Mop [Complete In-Depth Review] in 2021

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Ever wondered what it would feel like to have a cordless mop that can do both, floor cleaning as well as other upright surfaces like furniture and fabrics? Well, you got to check out the Dirt Devil Versa Steam Mop review to see how amazing a cordless steam cleaner could be.

With the Dirt Devil Versa Steam Mop, you get both, a cordless mop plus a handheld cleaner. But does the performance of this cordless steam mop vacuum is worth it?

Let’s figure that out. Just scroll down and read further to know if the Dirt Devil Versa Steam Mop is a right steam mop for you.

Dirt Devil Versa Steam Mop In-Depth Review

This steam cleaner cordless has a huge demand in the market. As well as great reviews on the Amazon. But still getting it without knowing the complete specifications will he foolishness. Therefore, to help you get a clear idea. Here we are going to review it from top to bottom so that you can decide yourself if it is worth it for you or not. Now let’s begin.

Design – The design of this cordless mop is very basic. But in some areas, it managed to stand out. It stands tall much like a stick vacuum. But it is very lightweight and easy to move. Due to its slender design, it is so much easier to allow this steam cleaner cordless into any smaller or tighter space.

The head of this mop is built in an arrow-like shape which is quite good. Because it allows this cordless mop to reach into all the corners and crevices. So the overall designing of this cordless steam cleaner is very impressive. You are surely going to like working because it is very lightweight and easy to lift as well as to work with.

The Water Tank Of Dirt Devil Versa Steam Mop – The water tank of this cordless steam mop is located on its front side. It gives it an attractive look. Also, the location of the water tank is very smart. Because this makes moving and using this water tank very easy and convenient. Also, it comes with a satisfactory amount of water tank capacity.

So you don’t have to refill it again and again while working. At the highest steam, it can provide you 10-12 minutes of the steam cleaning session. Which I guess is more than enough for sure. At the minimum steam mode, this will provide you with 25-30 minutes of the steam cleaning session.

So you can steam clean the complete floor at a single go without facing many problems regarding the steam. Also, a small water flask is included with this steam cleaner cordless. Which makes it easy to fill the water tank.

The Cleaning Pads – At the head of the mop are connected to the cleaning pads. I don’t need to mention how easy and convenient cleaning becomes only because of those cleaning pads. And with the Dirt Devil Versa Steam Mop, you not only have convenience cleaning your house. But it is also convenient to clean this steam cleaner cordless too.

You can easily remove the cleaning pads as and when you want. The best part is that these pads are washable ones. So whenever you feel like these pads are too dirty to be used. Feel free to wash it right away.

But I would recommend you not to clean these pads in the machine. Rather wash it by hand. It will improve the life of the pads and will help them last longer and in better condition for cleaning further.

These scrubbing pads are made of microfibers. So they tend to provide you with the best performance in terms of cleaning and will surely make all your work very easy and simple.

I guess this is what the cordless steam mop vacuum is best at. To make all the tiring and tough cleaning jobs very easy and convenient. This is the same thing you can expect from the Dirt Devil Versa Steam Mop too.

The Style Of Dirt Devil Versa Steam Mop – Coming to the style of this cordless steam cleaner. When it comes to aesthetics, this cordless mop is not really something to write about. It comes in the same seems to be in their staple.

That red and black color scheme. The bright red color looks nice and gives it an attractive look. Rest there is not so much to mention about this cordless mop except for these bright colors look.

Performance – Now let’s come to the most important part of the Dirt Devil Versa Steam Mop. It cleans with one method and that is steam. Steam is produced by pouring water into the water tank and then heating it.

Then the steam works to lift and remove dirt and debris off the floor and other furniture and fixtures. But let me tell you that the Dirt Devil Versa Steam Mop can also be used in many different ways too.

  • Floor Mop: Well, this cordless steam cleaner comes with the stick configuration. This allows it to clean the floors much as a standard steam mop does.
  • Carpet Cleaning: Along with this cordless steam mop vacuum comes the attachment of the carpet glider. So that attachment simply allows you to clean the carpets efficiently as well.
  • Handheld Mop: This piece also has the ability to be broke down into a handheld steam mop. This allows the users to easily steam clean all the other surfaces too.

But let me tell you folks, each of this cleaning style still works completely based on steam. But as I said above that the Dirt Devil Versa Steam Mop comes with the microfiber pads. So that pads are used only for stick configuration on hard floor surfaces and the carpets.

When you use this cordless mop as the handheld mop, then you can simply throw the steam directly out of that small nozzle. So when it comes to the performance, with this cordless steam cleaner, you can expect to get the best of performance. Or I should say the complete worth out of your money for sure.

The only drawback I found while the complete Dirt Devil Versa Steam Mop review. Is that this steam cleaner cordless struggle with the sticky material. The sticky materials are way too hard to remove. It’s not the versa but even any other mop will struggle with the sticky materials for sure.

But ultimately this cordless mop was able to remove them as well. All it takes is a little more time and steam to get away with those sticky and hard to remove things. Rest this piece is very amazing and a good one to choose.

Durability – Apart from all the above features, durability is one of the most important factors that we always consider the most. Because what are we gonna do with all those amazing features if the cordless mop doesn’t last more then a year or two.

Therefore, it is always better to get the cordless steam mop vacuum that is tough and has the caliber to last long even in the worst conditions. And with the Dirt Devil Versa Steam Mop, you don’t really have to worry at all regarding the durability for sure. Along with all the amazing features, it also gives the best of durability.

It is a very tough and strong piece that’s gonna stand tall with you in every condition. It will help you get the best of cleaning experience with all its amazing features and will never let you face the toughest cleaning times alone for sure.

The Final Thoughts

So, this is all about the Dirt Devil Versa Steam Mop. After going through the complete specifications and features. I am sure you must also agree that this product is worth purchasing. Because it has all the features and specifications to stand out and to be the best among all.

The Dirt Devil Versa Steam Mop is a 2 in 1 steam mop and that too with a degree of maneuverability. No doubt, this cordless steam cleaner offers a decent value for your money. Because it comes at a very low and affordable price. But the performance is very impressive. So no doubt, it is the best you can get at this much price.

The overall quality of this mop is above average. And it contains the caliber to be the cleaning partner of every house. Or at least, it could be used as the secondary mop for quick fixes and cleaning above the ground. But if asked to me, it probably going to replace your primary mop because this cordless mop has all it takes to be considered as the best.

This is all about the Dirt Devil Versa Steam Mop review. Now it is the time for you to simply press the buy now button below. And get this cordless steam mop delivered at your address with a few days so that you can start efficient and comfortable cleaning of the house as soon as possible.